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Troubleshooting of high-voltage cables for X-ray machines and precautions for use

When troubleshooting the high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine and precautions for use, you should open the tube window and turn on the lamp to observe the filament lighting. When the large focus is selected, the filament lights up and the brightness is normal. The cathode cable is unplugged from the tube sleeve and the measured voltage is 6.3V. Normal. But sometimes there are times, so it is suspected that there is a bad connection between the high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine and the high-voltage generator. Pull out the cathode cable from the end of the high-voltage generator and see that the small focus copper pillars of the cable head of the high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine are all aligned. The root was broken in the high-voltage socket. I wanted to make an emergency repair and replace it with a small copper pole, but for insurance, I replaced it with a new high-voltage plug and remade the cable head. Then clean the high-voltage plug socket, and apply petroleum jelly to insert the high-voltage plug into the tube head and the high-voltage plug socket of the high-voltage generator. After tightening the big nut, power on and test the machine. Observe that the brightness of the small focus is normal. Choose the small focus to take the exposure and the milliamp meter indicates that the exposure is sufficient at 25 rn A. Try to take a photograph of limbs with satisfactory contrast. Everything is delivered and used normally. If the fault is not carefully checked, people will mistakenly think that the filament brightness is dark, and adjust the filament voltage adjustment resistance to increase the filament voltage. Therefore, we must consider various reasons when checking for faults, check whether the voltage of each test point is within the normal value, and then decide whether to adjust the adjustment resistance, otherwise it will make more detours.
The high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine is connected to the high-voltage generator and the X-ray tube head in the large and medium-sized x-ray machine. The function is to send the high voltage output by the high voltage generator to the two poles of the x-ray tube, and send the heating voltage of the filament to the filament of the x-ray tube.
The structure of the high-voltage cable of the X-ray machine: There are two types of coaxial (concentric circle) and non-coaxial (non-concentric circle) arrangements according to the core line.
Precautions for using high-voltage cables of X-ray machines:
Prevent excessive bending. The bending radius should not be less than 5-8 times the diameter of the cable, so as not to cause cracks and reduce the insulation strength. Always keep the cables dry and clean to avoid the erosion of oil, moisture and harmful gases to avoid rubber aging.


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